To sell house in Spain

It is an important decision to put your home in Spain up for sale and it is therefore important to think through how you want to proceed.
Spain has a system where you can use many real estate agents, that is, several brokers can have your home for sale at the same time. This mean that the same customer may be shown the same home several times, something that can make the customer uncertain. In todays market we do not see the need to use several agents, due to the fact that agents work together and share property listings on a shared platform. We at Home International do publish our property listings on the shared platform and we organize open houses for collaborating agents. This means you can save the hassle of having to coordinate a large number of agents and viewings, we will do that for you.
Today the most important thing is marketing on the internet. About 80% of all property sales begins there. But other marketing channels are also important. Therefore, it is important that you think through what kind of approach you want and what competence your broker should have.

Good questions to ask

  • Should I sell through one or more real estate brokers – what are the pros and cons?
  • How fast can my house be sold – can I wait or must it be sold fast?
  • What can I demand from my broker?
  • How will my home be marketed?
  • What are the fees?
  • Should I use a lawyer?
  • We can discuss these issues, and many more, when we meet.

Preparations before calling a broker

When we start marketing your property, we need some documents. The more information we have about the property, the better we can market it. Before we make a visit, it is important that you are prepared and have your documents at home and in order or that you mail them to us on forehand.

The documents we need are:

A copy of the title deed (Escritura), and a copy of the simplified title deed (Nota Simple) not older than 3 months. Copy of the most recently paid Community Fee. You also need the certificate from the municipality that shows that IBI, the municipal property tax is paid. We follow the directives from the Spanish Property Marketing law known as Decreto 218. Remember to make your home ready for photos. A proper photo reportage is the best way to showcase the home’s excellence. Be sure to clean your home properly and preferably remove things that are unnecessary. A home with less clutter gives a better opportunity for the buyer to see its full potential.

Welcome to your new partner in the sun!