Buying a property in Spain

Quality and service are two key words that we at HOME INTERNATIONAL™ live by. This means, among other things, that at Home International you find the best homes for sale on Costa del Sol. We are dedicated to our job and working ethics, rest assured we will keep you safe and informed throughout the purchase.

There are many questions about the purchasing process when buying a home in Spain. What do I want? What will it cost? Which areas are best for us? How do we pay? Some of our customers have been to Spain on several occasions, for others it is a completely new experience. But no matter how familiar you are with Spain the questions are always many. How far is it to the beach? Where can I find the best tapas? Where do I buy fresh fish? We guide our customers to find the area, location and residence they desire. Together with our partners, Home International is there to answer questions and help throughout the purchasing process. HOME INTERNATIONAL™ offices in Spain are run by a spanish registered Limited Company that have extended experience on the Spanish housing market. The company has over the years built up a broad professional network of partners in Spain.

What to think about when buying a property in Spain

We always recommend our customers, both sellers and buyers, to use a legal representative who acts as an advisor and administrative official that will assist with in client’s interests. This is to avoid surprises at the time of the purchase or afterwards. Your representative can answer legal as well as tax issues. If you do not have a representative, we can recommend an independent lawyer / representative whom have previously successfully helped our customers. Language is not an obstacle, as both HOME INTERNATIONAL™ and the lawyers we recommend speak a variety of languages.

What does the purchase process look like?

  • Once you have found your property, a reservation fee of minimum 6,000 euros is paid to have the property removed from the market.
  • Acquisition of NIE number, a Spanish identity number for foreign citizens. We can help you with this.
  • Creating an account in a Spanish bank as well.
  • Purchase contracts are written within approximately 14 days from the time the reservation fee is placed. Then the remaining 10 percent of the property’s price is paid as a down payment to the seller, minus the reservation fee.
  • If you do not complete the purchase because you have changed your mind, the down payment will not be refunded. If the purchase is not completed for any other reason, it is also important to have legal assistance from the start to make sure that the down payment is returned. We recommend that you hire a lawyer who can inform you about all legal and tax issues for both sales and purchases.
  • Access to the property takes place the same day as the title deed is signed. Legislature is signed by both parties at the Notary. All parties involved prepare the case. If you are not able to attend, it is possible to give your lawyer a Power of Attorney to sign the deed.
  • When the title deed is signed the new ownership registration takes place.
  • Your lawyer will, on your behalf, pay all taxes related to the purchase and take care of all the formalities regarding the registration of the title. The final registration of the title will take between one and three months. Property purchase costs in Spain are estimated to be approximately 10-14 per cent of the total purchase price (IVA, i.e. VAT, notary, registration and other statutory costs). These costs may change for shorter periods of time, if the spanish covernment so decide. Please contact us for a fresch update on todays spanish property fees and taxes. Supply fees such as electricity, water and internet fees are added. The above rules may change from time to time. We cannot be held responsible for making changes in terms of taxes, fees and other factors.

Do you need financing and want help? We cooperate with Spanish and Nordic banks.

We welcome you to try us out whether buying or selling in Spain!